Necrons - 2nd battle and more of them!

So, I've had a second battle using my Necrons at my local gaming club. This time, I was fighting against Chaos Space Marines. It started off with me being in the lead but when my Doomsday Arks got immobilised/ destroyed and the CSM's got within assault range, things went the other way. Particular moments that went very well for them were when the enemy's HQs - A Daemon Prince of Khorne and a Chaos Lord got into battle with a C'Tan Shard, the C'Tan killed both of them without suffering any damage, as it passed every 4+ save it was called upon to make (I suppose its high Toughness also helped shrug off any potential damage). It also helped dispatch a three-man Obliterator unit, although that fight was closer to the wire, due to their power fists and my reduced luck in making saves. Another nice feat was a unit of 7 Scarabs destroying a Land Raider purely through Entropic Strike, stripping its armour down to zero (16 or 17 rolls of 4+ out of 35 hits) and wrecking it completely.
The end result was a loss for the Necrons by 9pts to 6. Mind you, it is only my second battle with them and battles don't always go your way.
I also picked up some more Necron warriors today, meaning that when they are all built, there will be 68 Warriors to play with, although I will have to find some plastic rod, as some of that was missing but I'll think of something that will do the job. Finally, in a couple of weeks time, I am scheduled to play in a 3 on 3 game on a side with 3 Necron players - Let's see how that will play.


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