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Canoptek Scarabs Entropic Strike - Any records?

So, I have had my second game using Necrons that involved the Entropic Strike ability to destroy armour. This time, a unit of 10 Scarabs reduced the armour value of a drop pod down from 12 to -15, having scored 27 hits. The first time they destroyed a vehicle, they reduced the armour of a Land Raider from 14 to -2.
So, at the moment, my record for vehicle armour destruction by Entropic Strike only is sitting at 27 points of armour stripped off of a vehicle and reducing a vehicle's armour to -15.
Has anyone else using Necrons achieved any better results in tearing armour off vehicles purely using Entropic Strike?

New plan for my Necrons - Flayed ones

Well, I decided to do something different with my most recently acquired 24 Necron Warriors. I'll only make 12 of them up as regular Warriors and the other 12 will be converted into Flayed Ones.
For the 12 Warriors, I've sorted out the plastic rod issue by getting a 2.4mm hollow opaque white plastic rod (which I'll paint a relevant colour) from a local shop.
Now, for the Flayed Ones, I'm starting off with regular Warriors, using plasticard (maybe 0.8mm thick) to make claws for each hand (three per hand) of differing sizes, as well as green stuff to represent the leather/ flesh that covers some of the body. To tell the difference between the regular Warriors and the Flayed Ones, I'm painting them purple, as opposed to dark blue.
Why am I creating Flayed Ones instead of getting the official models? Well, firstly, I am just wanting to try them out (just like when I wanted to try out Obliterators). Secondly, this is probably cheaper as well for 12 models, as it would p…

Necrons - 2nd battle and more of them!

So, I've had a second battle using my Necrons at my local gaming club. This time, I was fighting against Chaos Space Marines. It started off with me being in the lead but when my Doomsday Arks got immobilised/ destroyed and the CSM's got within assault range, things went the other way. Particular moments that went very well for them were when the enemy's HQs - A Daemon Prince of Khorne and a Chaos Lord got into battle with a C'Tan Shard, the C'Tan killed both of them without suffering any damage, as it passed every 4+ save it was called upon to make (I suppose its high Toughness also helped shrug off any potential damage). It also helped dispatch a three-man Obliterator unit, although that fight was closer to the wire, due to their power fists and my reduced luck in making saves. Another nice feat was a unit of 7 Scarabs destroying a Land Raider purely through Entropic Strike, stripping its armour down to zero (16 or 17 rolls of 4+ out of 35 hits) and wrecking it c…

New GW paints

So, today, I got my hands on three of the new range of Games Workshop paints (two textured and one base). I managed to get a look at the whole set of 145 yesterday and I think that there are definitely quite a few positives to it all. There's a whole lot more choice in the metallics, as well as shades/ hues of different colours (including purples/ pinks) and shades, as well as whole new concepts as the drybrush and texture paints.
I was particularly looking forward to the new texture paints, as they would mean applying a texture to a base in only ONE step, not two (i.e apply PVA glue, then 'scatter material').
As far as going from old to new is like, there are colours that are similar to old classics, such as Liche Purple and Regal Blue (now Xereus Purple and Kantor Blue) for example. I don't yet have any ideas on how to use the 'glazes' but I am wondering what would happen if I apply the orange shade colour (Fuegan Orange?) onto Leadbelcher/ boltgun metal - wi…

Necrons debut

So, today (Sunday), my Necron army got its first battle since getting them battle-ready at my local gaming club (Kirkcaldy Gaming Club). It was a 2,000 pt per player battle against Space Marines.
In 2,005 points, I fielded 2 Overlords, 3 Crypteks, 1 unit of 5 Lychguard, 4 units of 10 Warriors, A C'tan shard, 3 Destroyers (2 Heavy), An Annihilation Barge & 2 Doomsday Arks.
The Doomsday Arks acted very well in the form of dishing out pie-plates of doom from a distance, including a Dreadnought (that blew up), a Vindicator and some infantry. The Destroyers took a while to destroy a Razorback after immobilizing it. The reanimation rolls causing models to come back from the dead did annoy my opponent, especially in a battle between an Overlord with Lychguard against a Captain with Command Squad, which took quite a few turns. One close combat beast was the C'Tan shard, who scalped a tactical squad and a Chaplain.
Necrons, however, are not particularly suited to close combat but I…