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Necron army finalised (for the moment)

So, after 4 months, I now have a Necron army that is in a battle-ready state, ready to set off for their first battle on Sunday (probably against Space Marines). This force weighs in at just over 2,250 pts and comprises of:
2 Overlords
3 Crypteks (A fourth Cryptek is in development)
44 Warriors (2 units of 12, 2 units of 10)
5 Deathmarks
C'Tan Shard
5 Lychguard
9 Canoptek Scarab bases
3 Destroyers (2 Heavy, 1 not)
2 Doomsday Arks
1 Annihilation Barge

There are probably some additional models that need to be built, such as the 4th Cryptek and two Necron Lords (using a couple of leftover torsos of Destroyers) and 3 Canoptek Scarab bases, but this will be a force I can start out with and take future model developments from that point as battles go on.
This also means that my normal 'rota' of what army to field what week has changed and is now:
Wk 1 - Necrons
Wk 2 - Dark Eldar
Wk 3 - Tyranids
Wk 4 - Chaos Space Marines

Necron Deathmark and Cryptek 3

So, that's another part of my Necron army finished. I've finally finished a unit of 5 Deathmarks, a unit that's taken longer than usual to get done, due to distractions such as other Necron acquisitions. That means I've only got the rest of the Warriors and a Cryptek conversion to do and that will be them for the moment.
Here are pictures of the Deathmarks and Cryptek 3.

Work on Defiler 2 started

So, I've started painting my second Defiler model, which began with painting it all in boltgun metal, with the outer trim in liche purple. I'll probably use hormagaunt purple or warlock purple as the second purple (inner trim colour), probably giving it a Slaaneshi appearance.
Work is still progressing on Crypteks 3 and 4, with Cryptek 3 almost finished apart from the final parts of the staff to finish off. After that, I'll formulate the staff for Cryptek 4 and do that model up. Note these are not the official GW models, but Necron warriors converted into Crypteks. Once that's done, I'll finish up with 22 regular Necron warriors to do up and that will be my Necrons done for the time being.