C'Tan Deceiver built

So, I've now finished a metal C'Tan Deceiver (now known as a C'Tan Shard of the Deceiver), to fill up a third and final Elites slot in my (gradually being built) Necron army. I still have three Deathmarks to build/ paint and a box of 12 Warriors that I bought recently.
I'm not sure whether or not the model would look better on a 60mm base, but I've put it on a 40mm base (the one it came with) to see what it's like initially. If there are any stability issues with that, I'll just change it over to a 60mm base - we'll see.
Now, here is a picture of it in its full glory. The main colouring of the body was boltgun metal/ mithril silver, washed with devlan mud, then gryphonne sepia for a burnished gold look, with the ribbons starting off as regal blue, highlighted with ultramarine blue up to either ice blue or enchanted blue.
Other painting/ building projects are mainly to do with Chaos Space Marines and the long-planned (and still planning) reorganisation over to the 'Kings of Chaos' colour scheme. I'm currently working on my 4th Daemon Prince, two units of Thousand Sons (one blue, one purple) and a unit of CSM's with an Icon of Nurgle, two plasma guns and a champion with power fist. That'll keep me busy for a while, unless I go for some of the new Tyranid stuff like the long-awaited Tervigon/ Tyrannofex kit and all-plastic Hive Tyrant (with lots of options).


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