And so completes a CSM Unholy Quadrangle

So, I've now finished a fourth and final Daemon Prince for my Chaos Space Marines. This is a winged model, intended to be a Kings of Chaos follower affiliated to Nurgle. To show his affiliation to Nurgle, the main colour started off with dark green (Orkhide Shade), followed by drybrushing with knarloc green and rotting flesh and dwarf bronze on the 'arrowy bits'. The armour was painted boltgun metal, washed with devlan mud & gryphonne sepia with orkhide shade trim.
I painted the sword purple (hormagaunt purple) with either mithril silver or chainmail, washed with leviathan purple.
So, that's the Daemon Princes done - now I can concentrate on the CSM infantry and when the weather is more favourable, I can get started on my third unit of Necron warriors.


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