Alternative Thousand Sons paint scheme

So, as (possibly) promised, here is a picture of the alternative colour scheme that I decided upon for my third squad of Thousand Sons CSM's. In general, the main armour colour is burnished gold, but with the armour trim painted Liche Purple and Ice Blue as the second colour for the helmet, as opposed to the usual blue/ yellow you would normally associate with the primary Thousand Sons scheme.
I think it's quite nice to have the light blue/ purple contrast for the helmet and it just looks totally different but still cool! So far, I've got two models painted up of this third unit - seven more to go, in addition to re-painting the rest of the second unit (with Regal Blue instead of Liche Purple).
As for the rest of my 40k stuff, construction of my second Necron Doomsday Ark is progressing gradually and I think it may be another 2-3 months before I'll have my first battle using Necrons, as I want to have more Necron warriors (40-60) before they will see battle.


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