Necron Cryptek conversions

So, here are a couple of Necron conversion jobs that I did recently. I decided to create a couple of Necron Crypteks, as opposed to using the regular Finecast models. These were made out of various Necron parts, starting off with a Necron Warrior, with some bits from the Praetorian kit.
The main reason why I decided to create conversion models rather than use the official GW models is so that I can try a particular type of model out, as opposed to go to a particular expense and then decide that I didn't like it after a few games. That said, however, I have tried out certain types of 40k models through conversions and not been disappointed, such as Chaos Space Marine Obliterators.
Another factor is that model conversions are also part of the hobby, especially when Matt Ward himself (he who wrote the Necron codex) created a Cryptek out of various parts as a conversion job. Well, if it's good enough for people who work at GW, it's good enough for anyone else.
Constructive comments welcome, as usual.


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