Some more Necron recruits

So, I made my first visit to nearish-to me gaming club DWARF (Dunfermline Wargaming & Roleplaying Fellowship) for a 3.6k per side Apocalypse game of CSM's against 4e Tyranids, where a lot of blood was spilled on both sides (apart from blasted Termagants and Hormagaunts re-spawning due to the defunct Without Number rule). The game ended after 4 turns in a draw.
During the proceedings, I traded some Warhammer Chaos Warriors for 15 general Chaos Space Marines, a couple of Necron Destroyers and a plastic conversion job that resembles a Necron Lord. So, what I'll probably do is paint the new CSM's in Kings of Chaos colours (dull gold & black) and re-paint the Necrons to my preferred colour scheme. I may do some further alterations to the 'Lord' model, to make him look more like an Overlord (using some spare bits, as well as maybe make a Resurrection Orb out of Green Stuff).
Mind you, it will only be 3 or so weeks until I get my hands on some Warriors and Immortals/ Deathmarks to flesh out other bits.
On another note, I've finished building & painting the Finecast generic Overlord model. Now, all I've got to do is put a picture or two of him up online here or on Deviantart.


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