Progress with Necrons

So, I have now finished building/ painting the big Necron vehicle that is the Doomsday Ark, with its nasty mega cannon of doom! This means that I am now able to devote my time towards the Annihilation Barge, of which quite a bit is built, apart from the main tesla cannon. One thing that has sped up painting time was my discovery to find that a £1 shop in my local town centre was stocking 300ml cans of spray paint in black, silver or white. This is considerably cheaper than the £7-9 that 400ml cans of GW or Army Painter stuff comes in at.
I have tried the spray paints out on the Annihilation Barge, a Destroyer, a plastic conversion job model that doubles up as a Necron Lord and some Chaos Space Marines. So far, the results are satisfactory and the silvery spray comes up in colour terms similar to Chainmail/ Mithril Silver. It will, however, make the job of painting Necrons a bit easier, although the silvery colour could be a bit too light for the CSM's but we'll see about that.


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