Necron Destroyers

So, an update on how the building of my Necrons is progressing.
Well, I've finished 3 Lychguard (2 to go), 1 Scarab base and the second of two Destroyers. One factor that slowed down building/ painting of the second Destroyer was that I was toying with the idea of converting it into a Heavy Destroyer. This was hastened a bit when I got two boxes of Necron Warriors and a box of Immortals/ Deathmarks for Christmas. There, an opportunity arose, as I planned to make the Deathmarks, rather than Immortals and had some gauss guns as bits. I also took the optional tesla gun that you could put on the bottom of the Annihilation Barge and used that as spare bits.
Finally, out of the 'gauss gun' tubes and bits from the Annihilation Barge's gun, I cobbled together a big, long barrelled, gauss gun that will do the job as a heavy gauss cannon. Here's what the end result looks like

Another plan I have is to try and cobble together a Cryptek out of a Necron Warrior, an altered Praetorian head, bits of two Rods of Covenant and a Praetorian backbone and any other bits that seem appropriate. This has been somewhat influenced by seeing on GW's blog that Matt Ward (he who wrote the current Necron codex) himself made a Cryptek as a conversion job.
As usual, comments and (constructive) criticisms are accepted! (Note: My ability at conversions is probably better than my painting)


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