More 40k models acquired

So, in the event of purging out my Space Marines in favour of other armies (notably Necrons), I ended up trading some models for twenty-odd CSM's, a Chaos Terminator Lord and a Necron Annihilation Barge with Overlord. This means that I have obtained thirty to forty new CSM's and a few extra Necron models. Most of the new CSM's are undercoated black (and no more than that). I'll probably paint these in the Kings of Chaos style (and maybe think of selling off old metal CSM models).
I'll probably have to strip the paint off the Annihilation Barge before I re-work it, but luckily the previous owner didn't fix the bottom gun or the main guns to the model (this presents opportunities rather than burdens). Also, I've already started work on painting the second Overlord. Eventually, I will get around to painting the second Destroyer (that I got over a week ago - maybe I may have to get some Dettol to strip the paint off and destabilize the glue - we'll see). Well, that's all for the moment!


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