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Necron Destroyers

So, an update on how the building of my Necrons is progressing.
Well, I've finished 3 Lychguard (2 to go), 1 Scarab base and the second of two Destroyers. One factor that slowed down building/ painting of the second Destroyer was that I was toying with the idea of converting it into a Heavy Destroyer. This was hastened a bit when I got two boxes of Necron Warriors and a box of Immortals/ Deathmarks for Christmas. There, an opportunity arose, as I planned to make the Deathmarks, rather than Immortals and had some gauss guns as bits. I also took the optional tesla gun that you could put on the bottom of the Annihilation Barge and used that as spare bits.
Finally, out of the 'gauss gun' tubes and bits from the Annihilation Barge's gun, I cobbled together a big, long barrelled, gauss gun that will do the job as a heavy gauss cannon. Here's what the end result looks like

Another plan I have is to try and cobble together a Cryptek out of a Necron Warrior, an altered Prae…

More Necrons got

I've now got a bodyguard for one of the Necron Overlords, in the form of a box of 5 Lychguard/ Praetorians. I'll probably build these up as Lychguard with warscythes and probably paint them as follows:
Black undercoat, painted boltgun metal, followed by gryphonne sepia wash, then ogryn flesh. Some of the armour plates will be painted regal blue, with some gold, yellow or purple added in somewhere.

Progress with Necrons

So, I have now finished building/ painting the big Necron vehicle that is the Doomsday Ark, with its nasty mega cannon of doom! This means that I am now able to devote my time towards the Annihilation Barge, of which quite a bit is built, apart from the main tesla cannon. One thing that has sped up painting time was my discovery to find that a £1 shop in my local town centre was stocking 300ml cans of spray paint in black, silver or white. This is considerably cheaper than the £7-9 that 400ml cans of GW or Army Painter stuff comes in at.
I have tried the spray paints out on the Annihilation Barge, a Destroyer, a plastic conversion job model that doubles up as a Necron Lord and some Chaos Space Marines. So far, the results are satisfactory and the silvery spray comes up in colour terms similar to Chainmail/ Mithril Silver. It will, however, make the job of painting Necrons a bit easier, although the silvery colour could be a bit too light for the CSM's but we'll see about that.

More 40k models acquired

So, in the event of purging out my Space Marines in favour of other armies (notably Necrons), I ended up trading some models for twenty-odd CSM's, a Chaos Terminator Lord and a Necron Annihilation Barge with Overlord. This means that I have obtained thirty to forty new CSM's and a few extra Necron models. Most of the new CSM's are undercoated black (and no more than that). I'll probably paint these in the Kings of Chaos style (and maybe think of selling off old metal CSM models).
I'll probably have to strip the paint off the Annihilation Barge before I re-work it, but luckily the previous owner didn't fix the bottom gun or the main guns to the model (this presents opportunities rather than burdens). Also, I've already started work on painting the second Overlord. Eventually, I will get around to painting the second Destroyer (that I got over a week ago - maybe I may have to get some Dettol to strip the paint off and destabilize the glue - we'll see). We…

Necron Overlord

Here is the first of my Necrons built. The main colours are regal blue, gold, purple and burnished gold (boltgun metal, washed with dark brown and sepia). This type of colour scheme is similar to a unit of Kings of Chaos Thousand Sons that I am painting/ building as well.
For other models, I may have the metallic colours being gunmetal for regular warriors & immortals, bronze for lychguard/ praetorians and gold/ dull gold for lords and crypteks (who could be bronze instead).

Some more Necron recruits

So, I made my first visit to nearish-to me gaming club DWARF (Dunfermline Wargaming & Roleplaying Fellowship) for a 3.6k per side Apocalypse game of CSM's against 4e Tyranids, where a lot of blood was spilled on both sides (apart from blasted Termagants and Hormagaunts re-spawning due to the defunct Without Number rule). The game ended after 4 turns in a draw.
During the proceedings, I traded some Warhammer Chaos Warriors for 15 general Chaos Space Marines, a couple of Necron Destroyers and a plastic conversion job that resembles a Necron Lord. So, what I'll probably do is paint the new CSM's in Kings of Chaos colours (dull gold & black) and re-paint the Necrons to my preferred colour scheme. I may do some further alterations to the 'Lord' model, to make him look more like an Overlord (using some spare bits, as well as maybe make a Resurrection Orb out of Green Stuff).
Mind you, it will only be 3 or so weeks until I get my hands on some Warriors and Immorta…