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Necrons started!

So, I have started upon the path of the Necron! All of my pigs are wanting to become Necropigs or Canoptek piglets.
More seriously, however, I have just got the Necron codex and an Overlord, which will be accompanied by some Necrons and Immortals come Christmas time.
The main colour scheme I am going for is Boltgun Metal/ Regal Blue, with a golden armour scheme for the Overlord. Pictures will come later, once models are built/ painted

Currently contemplating Necrons

I am very much thinking of the idea of re-starting Necrons, following the advent of the new (5e) codex.
So, I am currently thinking about what colour scheme to use and what I will go for is to have the main models painted in boltgun metal & regal blue (for some plates). For other models such as lower level characters, I'm thinking of using a couple of washes to make them coloured bronze. Then, for Overlords, I'll have them with the metallic areas done in burnished gold.
In order to reduce messing about, if I go for Destroyers, I'll probably take some conventional Destroyers and make them into Heavy Destroyers, by conversion due to altering the gun to make it twice its normal length, but with a thinner barrel.