Space Marines mostly finished

So, my Imperial Space Marine army is mostly finished and I have built up about 4,500 points of forces so far.
I have now built the following:
HQ - 3 captains, 1 librarian & 1 chaplain
ELITES - 1 sternguard unit, 2 terminator squads & 3 dreadnoughts
TROOPS - 4 tactical squads
FAST ATTACK - 2 assault squads
HEAVY SUPPORT - 2 land raiders (1 normal & 1 redeemer), 2 vindicators & 2 devastator squads
TRANSPORTS - 2 rhinos.

At the moment, I still have some models to finish off, in the hope that I can end up with 6 tactical squads, 3 devastator squads, 16 assault marines & 9 assault terminators. I also have a drop pod to finish preparing, as well as thinking of what to do with a land speeder storm and whether or not I can do anything with the scouts. I may also end up re-purposing an old predator from my CSM's (well, they've got 9 obliterators and a defiler).

Tomorrow, at the KGC, I'll be fielding this army (well, parts of it) for a Kill-Teams day, as I haven't played as Space Marines for a while.


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