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New small projects under work

So, I'm finally going to try to build up the various Space Marine scout models that I've got and the first model is almost finished, namely a Scout Sergeant with power fist & bolter. The rest of the models will probably be equipped with a mix of bolters, shotguns & sniper rifles.
I'm getting a bit closer to finishing the Tactical marines, as I've got 7 models done out of the final 20 and I just have to find the body for my 20th Terminator who will be my 10th Assault Terminator.
Another thing I'm gradually doing is re-doing four Tyranid Warriors, replacing their scything talons with lashwhip/ bonesword combination, along with deathspitters. I've almost finished two models.

Space Marines mostly finished

So, my Imperial Space Marine army is mostly finished and I have built up about 4,500 points of forces so far.
I have now built the following:
HQ - 3 captains, 1 librarian & 1 chaplain
ELITES - 1 sternguard unit, 2 terminator squads & 3 dreadnoughts
TROOPS - 4 tactical squads
FAST ATTACK - 2 assault squads
HEAVY SUPPORT - 2 land raiders (1 normal & 1 redeemer), 2 vindicators & 2 devastator squads
TRANSPORTS - 2 rhinos.

At the moment, I still have some models to finish off, in the hope that I can end up with 6 tactical squads, 3 devastator squads, 16 assault marines & 9 assault terminators. I also have a drop pod to finish preparing, as well as thinking of what to do with a land speeder storm and whether or not I can do anything with the scouts. I may also end up re-purposing an old predator from my CSM's (well, they've got 9 obliterators and a defiler).

Tomorrow, at the KGC, I'll be fielding this army (well, parts of it) for a Kill-Teams day, as I haven&…