New Space Marine/ CSM pictures

So, another recruit has been added to the Kings of Chaos, in the form of a Chaos Dreadnought. It has been painted gold/ red (it follows Khorne!). Now, to make it safer for the rest of the legion, it has been given a pair of dreadnought close combat weapons but it can still chop up its enemies.
Here's what it looks like! The right arm is a conversion job using a claw, heavy weapon arm and green stuff.
Now, I have been making some progress with getting my Space Marines built up/ painted. Here's the first picture. It also shows that white is a pain in the neck to paint properly. This is a space marine captain with jump pack, power fist and lightning claw (armed to deal with quite a lot of different threats).
No doubt, I'll get to putting up more pictures of the Space Marines once I've finished the main squads. The 4th tactical and two terminator squads are one model away from being finished and one devastator squad is one lascannon away from a full complement of four!


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