Chaos Defiler repaired and re-painted

So, my Chaos Defiler suffered an accident last week, when it fell during the Apocalypse battle and suffered a broken back leg. I, however, saw this as an opportunity, as I'm slowly going through re-painting the CSM's to the Kings of Chaos colour scheme.
This ended up with me disassembling the Defiler, re-painting and putting the model back together. The end result was something like this:

Before the re-paint, it was mainly red. Now, it is back in action, ready for battle soon.


  1. Hi there, Nice models.
    I used to play a bit when i was younger (33 now!) still have alot of stuff up the attic (Blood Angels) is there any clubs or that in the Fife area that i could join up to as im interested in starting up and playing but cannot remember any of the rules etc...Also would prefer to play with adults if possible. Could you email any info to
    Thanks very much


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