Update on Space Marines

So, having finished building/ painting Dark Eldar, my efforts are slowly but surely progressing towards building a Space Marine army. So far, what is/ is being built is:
Captain with jump pack, power fist & lightning claw (done)
Terminator Chaplain (done, older model)
Power armour Chaplain (done, conversion job)
Librarian (done)
Tactical squad 1 - Missile launcher & meltagun, power fist (done 10/10)
Tactical squad 2 - Plasma cannon & plasma gun, power fist (done 10/10)
Tactical squad 3 - Flamer & missile launcher (wip, 6/10)
Assault squad 7 - (wip, 6)
Assault squad 8 - (wip, 5)
Terminator Squad - (wip, 7)
Assault Terminators - (wip, 5)
Sternguard squad - 2 melta guns, power fist (wip, 8/10)
Dreadnought with twin lascannon & missile launcher (done)
Dreadnought with multi-melta & power fist (done)
Dreadnought with assault cannon (still to start)
Devastator Squad 9 - various heavy weapons (wip)
Devastator Squad 10 - various heavy weapons (wip)
Vindicator 1 (almost done, needs siege shield fitted)
Vindicator 2 (wip)
Rhino 1 (done)
Rhino 2 (almost done)
Land Raider (done)
Land Raider Redeemer (done)
Land Raider Crusader (still to start)
So, I've done quite a few models and I'm still wondering why they chose white and blue for the pre-heresy colours for the World Eaters, given that white is a pain in the neck colour to paint. I've still got quite a few models to finish off but it will definitely keep me going for a while.


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