Apocalypse game played today

Today (27-08-2011), I played in a two-part 40k Apocalypse battle, hosted at Kingdom of Adventure, Kirkcaldy. This had between 16,000 and 24,000 points of models on the battlefield, depending on time of day. The organisers were John and Paul Laurie (aka Kraggi and Dragkon), with individual players fielding about 2 - 2.5k each. The 'goodies' side was comprised of mainly Imperial Space Marines, some Imperial Guard and some Chaos Space Marines (who had seen the 'good' side). I was on the 'baddies' side, with Chaos, Tyranids, Orks and Dark Eldar.
The first part lasted from between 10:20 to 13:00, where we got three game turns in, followed by a half hour break (for players who wanted to play in a card game tournament to leave for that) and then, there were the last three turns, lasting from about 13:40 to 15:00. Play was quicker in the second half, as there were probably less players/ models and less disruptions.
Here are some piccies:

During this battle, there were several super-heavy vehicles involved, namely Ork Stompas, as well as many Baneblades and variants, including the Shadowsword and its Strength D Volcano cannon. I scored quite a few hits that destroyed primary weapons or tanks such as Land Raiders or Vindicators, but I didn't lose much in the way of models as casualties. I did get a slight shock when a nearby Stompa blew up near my CSM's, but I didn't take any casualties in that particular explosion. Tyranids had some fun munching up mostly Imperial guard and the odd vehicle and I almost lost one of the Baneblades I controlled.
That said, however, my Defiler is going to have to go into the clinic to get is back leg repaired, as it fell off at some point. It was probably too close to the table edge, it got caught and fell.
The overall score at the end of the battle was that both sides controlled one objective each, with the good side trying to score a last turn rush for the third objective, betrayed by a 1" run roll. Well, it was still fun to play a big Apocalypse battle and it was fairly well disciplined, to have gone through six full turns in about 4-5 hours play with that amount of points present.
Finally, at the KGC tomorrow, I'll be fielding my Dark Eldar, who will face a tough challenge in the form of 2,000 points of Orks.


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