More Space Marines to work on

Well, I've probably built up a significant base to create most of (or what feels like it) a Space Marine company. I've now picked up (through trading my High Elves) a Land Raider Redeemer, Terminator Chaplain (one of my conversion jobs), another Vindicator, a Rhino, a Drop Pod, heavy weapons, Sternguard, Assault marines, Dreadnought & various other Space Marines.
Now, I'm stripping the paint off of these and then I'll get to working on doing them up. The chapter they will follow is World Eaters (pre-heresy). That'll definitely keep me occupied for a while and maybe within the next 6 months, I'll have a Space Marine army ready for battle.
On another note, I had some fun in playing a 1,500 pt battle of Dark Eldar v Ultramarines. This battle had the annoying moment of one of my two Ravagers not wanting to stay on its flying base, which broke, as did the one for my Venom. Now I know why I refuse to glue skimmers to bases.
Apart from that, the battle involved a combination of bad luck for the Smurfs and fortunate destroying of important threats, especially with reserve units taking their sweet time to get there (turn 4 at the earliest). It was also accompanied by multi-meltas that didn't want to hit their targets. Luckily for me, I shut down a Thunderfire cannon by shooting a Venom's two splinter cannons at its Techmarine, causing his armour to buckle. I also shot up four Land Speeders in good order and got a 5-man Incubi unit to kill off a 10-man Tactical unit, despite losing two of their number, as they lost their initiative, charging through terrain. I did miscalculate with a unit of Wyches, who failed to destroy a Land Speeder with their haywire grenades, only for a dark lance to blow it up and kill several of them with the resultant explosion. They were then finished off by bolter fire (out in the open). They were, however, avenged by the Talos Painbastard Engine, shooting and chopping up guys, followed by the last member of that unit voluntarily running away.
Other heavy threats were shut down by dark lances taking out the Predator, Dreadnought (immobilising and destroying) and the rocket launcher on the Whirlwind. Flickerfields saved the asses of my vehicles enough times, although my Raiders eventually bit the dust. Due to most of the Smurf infantry staying off the board for half the game, very little happened to my models.
At the end of the battle, the Smurfs got hammered by the Dark Eldar by 7 points to 3. Well, I'll give the Dark Eldar a break and let the Chaos Space Marines have some fun for a week or two.


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