Dark Eldar army

So, here is the full force of my Dark Eldar army, weighing in at a bit over 3,000 points. I was due to play someone a 3,000 point game against CSM, but my opponent didn't turn up.
 (Photo taken at Kirkcaldy Gaming Club, my regular battle venue)
Instead, I played against a new player's Space Wolves in a 1,200 point game and completely annihilated all of them. It wasn't a totally one-sided battle, as my Wracks with Ancient Haemonculus broke/ ran away (with no possibility of regrouping) in the second round of their combat and a Wych unit lost and got torn up in a sweeping advance (despite avenging the fall of the Wracks at the hands of Logan Grimnar). The Incubi played well, scoring extra hits from Onslaught and killed Njal Stormcaller & some Blood Claws, avenging the death of the Wyches.
That's the main body of the Dark Eldar finished for the moment, unless further optimisations come to mind and they shall look forward to causing terror to other armies.
Some final models were added to the list, in the form of the rest of the Wracks and the Haemonculus.
Next up will be working on some Space Marines.


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