Big 40k game played today

So, today (30-07), I played a big game of 40k, which was a (somewhat altered) game of Planetstrike at a local game store called Kingdom of Adventure, Kirkcaldy. This was a 2 v 2 game, where I was one of the attacking players (Dark Eldar), with a Chaos Space Marine ally and some Necrons added for good measure. The defending side had Space Marines, Blood Angels and Grey Knights, played by Kraggi (from the Varcan Cluster )and his brother, Dragkon. The sizes of the attacking and defending forces were in the order of ~6,000 points per side and we played 4 turns, spanning 2 and a half hours.
Here's what the initial battlefield looked like (the playing area was 4' x 12'):

We managed to get some early damage in, like this:
After about an hour, there was quite a bit of devastation.

Shortly after that, we let rip with an altered firestorm, in the form of seventeen S10 AP2 pie-plates on the defenders, destroying some buildings and units.
The Dark Eldar later turned some attention to blowing up some bigger stuff with dark lances and blasters (especially useful against AV14), tearing down the Stormraven and buildings. Close combat was a mixed bag, with the Incubi excelling in wiping out two units and Wyches wiping out one (before getting fried by a Dreadknight's special superflamer). Other assaults ended with units running away, but those ones were not designed for close combat.
Finally, on the last turn, we made a last-minute push towards claiming objectives, as demonstrated by an unused Wych unit in a Raider advancing towards two objectives, getting out and spreading out to claim both.
The battle ended with a win for the attackers, having claimed 7 out of 9 objectives. This was a fairly hard-fought battle and the next time this type of battle is played, some extra ground rules will have to be arranged.
Here is what the battlefield looked like at the end:

So, that was it for the morning battle that day. On Sunday, I've got another battle arranged for the Dark Eldar at the KGC.


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