Back to Space Marines

So, having finished painting/ building work on Dark Eldar for the moment, I'm back to building/ painting up Space Marines (in pre-heresy World Eaters colours). The plans I have for the moment are for preparing two Devastator, one Assault, one Sternguard, one Tactical and one Terminator Assault squad (with some Rhinos for transport).
One factor that is taking a bit longer than usual for progress is that I acquired models through trading and I had to remove the paint from these models before I can start on them.
I've found some thunder hammers and storm shields for the Assault Terminators and found some heavy bolters for either Tactical or Devastator squads. I've also built up a Chaplain from a regular marine, with fancy parts that you would normally fit onto Sergeants to make it look more convincing.
Here's the end result of the Chaplain.
Other models that I have finished are a Terminator Captain, Librarian, two Tactical, one Assault and one Terminator squad.


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