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Big 40k game played today

So, today (30-07), I played a big game of 40k, which was a (somewhat altered) game of Planetstrike at a local game store called Kingdom of Adventure, Kirkcaldy. This was a 2 v 2 game, where I was one of the attacking players (Dark Eldar), with a Chaos Space Marine ally and some Necrons added for good measure. The defending side had Space Marines, Blood Angels and Grey Knights, played by Kraggi (from the Varcan Cluster )and his brother, Dragkon. The sizes of the attacking and defending forces were in the order of ~6,000 points per side and we played 4 turns, spanning 2 and a half hours.
Here's what the initial battlefield looked like (the playing area was 4' x 12'):

We managed to get some early damage in, like this:
After about an hour, there was quite a bit of devastation.

Shortly after that, we let rip with an altered firestorm, in the form of seventeen S10 AP2 pie-plates on the defenders, destroying some buildings and units.
The Dark Eldar later turned some attention to blo…

More Space Marines to work on

Well, I've probably built up a significant base to create most of (or what feels like it) a Space Marine company. I've now picked up (through trading my High Elves) a Land Raider Redeemer, Terminator Chaplain (one of my conversion jobs), another Vindicator, a Rhino, a Drop Pod, heavy weapons, Sternguard, Assault marines, Dreadnought & various other Space Marines.
Now, I'm stripping the paint off of these and then I'll get to working on doing them up. The chapter they will follow is World Eaters (pre-heresy). That'll definitely keep me occupied for a while and maybe within the next 6 months, I'll have a Space Marine army ready for battle.
On another note, I had some fun in playing a 1,500 pt battle of Dark Eldar v Ultramarines. This battle had the annoying moment of one of my two Ravagers not wanting to stay on its flying base, which broke, as did the one for my Venom. Now I know why I refuse to glue skimmers to bases.
Apart from that, the battle involved a …

Back to Space Marines

So, having finished painting/ building work on Dark Eldar for the moment, I'm back to building/ painting up Space Marines (in pre-heresy World Eaters colours). The plans I have for the moment are for preparing two Devastator, one Assault, one Sternguard, one Tactical and one Terminator Assault squad (with some Rhinos for transport).
One factor that is taking a bit longer than usual for progress is that I acquired models through trading and I had to remove the paint from these models before I can start on them.
I've found some thunder hammers and storm shields for the Assault Terminators and found some heavy bolters for either Tactical or Devastator squads. I've also built up a Chaplain from a regular marine, with fancy parts that you would normally fit onto Sergeants to make it look more convincing.
Here's the end result of the Chaplain.
Other models that I have finished are a Terminator Captain, Librarian, two Tactical, one Assault and one Terminator squad.

Dark Eldar army

So, here is the full force of my Dark Eldar army, weighing in at a bit over 3,000 points. I was due to play someone a 3,000 point game against CSM, but my opponent didn't turn up.
 (Photo taken at Kirkcaldy Gaming Club, my regular battle venue)
Instead, I played against a new player's Space Wolves in a 1,200 point game and completely annihilated all of them. It wasn't a totally one-sided battle, as my Wracks with Ancient Haemonculus broke/ ran away (with no possibility of regrouping) in the second round of their combat and a Wych unit lost and got torn up in a sweeping advance (despite avenging the fall of the Wracks at the hands of Logan Grimnar). The Incubi played well, scoring extra hits from Onslaught and killed Njal Stormcaller & some Blood Claws, avenging the death of the Wyches.
That's the main body of the Dark Eldar finished for the moment, unless further optimisations come to mind and they shall look forward to causing terror to other armies.
Some final mod…

Dark Eldar Wracks in progress

So, I am currently working on painting up my last unit for the Dark Eldar, in the form of ten Wracks (my first ever purchase of Finecast models). I hope to have all ten models done within the next few days, as I am going to be playing a 3,000 points per side battle against Chaos Space Marines. I have got seven models painted (five finished, two need some final touches and three have to get started). Here's what the first five models look like.
These are nice, fearsome looking models and I plan to kit the unit out with two liquifier guns and an agoniser, followed by a Haemonculus and they should be a fearsome unit in close combat that can scare Plague Marines and even monstrous creatures.