Picture of re-fitted Talos & Scourges

So, here is a picture of my re-fitted Dark Eldar Talos, comprising of parts from the old and new model kits. The additions from the new kit were to replace the twin splinter cannon with a twin heat lance, put a helmet on the middle pilot and replace the ichor injector with the twin liquifier gun (as the ichor injector arm was refusing to stay on).
This model went into battle today, in a 1,100 point per side Dark Eldar v Dark Eldar battle, fought as Annihilation. Unfortunately, it got rather over-ambitious, trying to fight the remnant of a Wych unit and an Archon and found itself on the bad end of the Archon's huskblade (his strength was enhanced due to combat drugs). Fitting the liquifier gun was still a good idea, however, as it can still annoy enemies.
I finished another unit today, in the form of the Scourges. Last time I posted pictures on here and on deviantart, I put up pictures of the first three models. Now, the whole 10-member squad is finished, armed with shardcarbines, haywire blasters and heat lances. This unit will probably not see action until my Dark Eldar see a bigger battle, however, as it weighed in at just over 300 points.
Here is an image of the end result.
Finally, I ended up partaking of my first ever Finecast models - A Haemonculus and two boxes of Wracks. So far, I have only just got started on working on these guys, as I had to finish off the Scourges and the last Kabalite Warrior unit. I haven't found any defects on the models, although there was quite a bit of very thin flash on some models but that was in the form of layers that were only some microns thick and was removed quickly and very easily. Upon removing the 'sprue', the resin models have very little mass to them - they would be considerably lighter than equivalent metal models and they could even be bordering on being lighter than plastic replicas. This is speculation, however, as these models have not been made in plastic or metal.
Of course, one difference with this material is that you have to be more delicate with it than you are with metal models.
I'll see to working on these new models as soon as I can.


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