More Dark Eldar (continued)

So, as I got a bit more money for my birthday, I ended up getting a few more Dark Eldar models, in the form of the new Scourges (5-member unit). Compared to the older, all-metal models, these new guys are way better and have more weapon options.
The state of play is that I've finished the Scourges and they look like:

These guys are kitted out with an agoniser & blast pistol for the Solarite (unit leader), 2 shardcarbines, a haywire blaster and heat lance. I didn't go for dark lances, as I think that putting heavy (move or fire) weapons on jump infantry was akin to pouring boiling hot water into a chocolate teapot!
The colour scheme for the models is burnished gold armour (done in the same way as the Kings of Chaos CSM colour scheme) with purple as the other colour for the guns and shoulder/ kneepads.
A unit of Kabalite Trueborn is almost finished - 9 models done and 1 in need of a special pair of arms. The principles for that unit is basically lance-spam, with 2 dark lances and 4 blasters. Now, buying the Scourge box set turned out to be a nice boon, as it comes with 5 shardcarbines (2 went to the Scourges) and I'm kitting out the other 3 Trueborn with shardcarbines. The Dracon (unit leader) is armed with a typical loadout of blast pistol, agoniser & phantasm grenade launcher. Once I get my hands on just one more blaster, I can get the 10th and final model of that unit finished (after applying 1 or 2 washes of Gryphonne Sepia). Once I've done the last model, I'll put up a picture of the finished unit. (For those of you who have looked at my deviantart page (DrPorkov), you'll already see an image of the Dracon).
The next unit to be made after this will be my 6th and final Troop unit for my Dark Eldar - a unit of Kabalite Warriors with dark lance and shredder, followed by altering my conversion job attempt at a Venom (created from an Eldar Vyper jetbike) to equip it with a second splinter cannon. Another plan will be to try to cadge a liquifier gun for my Talos (once I find someone who's bought the new DE Talos/ Cronos kit but isn't interested in the liquifier gun), as that could be an interesting flamer template weapon (especially if I roll a 1 or 2 for the AP die).
Finally, after all of this is done, I can resume working on my Space Marines (and Chaos Space Marines).


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