Dark Eldar Talos re-fitted and DE/ CSM battle

So, earlier in the month, the Dark Eldar got the new, all plastic Talos/ Chronos Painbastard Engine (I know I'm calling it that, but only in the nicest terms), I saw an opportunity to tool up my old, metal Talos with some nice new pieces of kit. These were obtained from someone who built the model up as the Chronos and didn't need the Talos parts and the parts in question were the twin liquifier gun, twin-linked heat lance and a helmet that would go over the model's head.
Now, why did I go for two ranged weapons? Well, for that type of model, you can fire both weapons in its turn and the liquifier gun looks like a nasty anti-infantry weapon, especially if I roll the die for AP and get a low number (Space Marines and Terminators be afraid!). Secondly, I can use the heat lance to kill heavy infantry or try 'vaping' a vehicle.
Another thing I am contemplating, however, is to magnetize the bit where I put the twin heat lance on and set it up so I can put the twin heat lance or twin splinter cannon on (just in case I'm up against Tyranids or Orks). That will be for the future, once I can find magnets small enough from a local supplier. The alteration job for fitting the weapons was finished on Tuesday and is ready for the next time my Dark Eldar go out onto the battlefield. I'll try to get a picture of the altered Talos up soon.
Finally, on the Sunday that just passed, I ended up fighting a 1,500 point battle with my Chaos Space Marines against Dark Eldar. I had a couple of battles against Space Marines and Chaos with Dark Eldar and I wanted to see what it would be like to fight against Dark Eldar.
My enemy (naturally) got up close and personal, fighting close combats from turn 2 and mashing a lot of what they came up against. My Defiler went boom in turn 2 to a Raider's dark lance. My two Obliterator squads did, however, avenge its demise, destroying the evil vehicles (mainly after their passengers got out) that failed their saves and one Obliterator unit ended up smashing up a Trueborn Kabalite unit and was about to flame a 20-man Kabalite unit if it wasn't for the fact that the game ended at turn 5. My Daemon Prince of Tzeentch held down a unit of Bloodbride Wyches that contained Lelith Hesperax before dying in the second round of close combat. His demise was probably hastened by the combat drugs allowing re-rolls to wound (which were very helpful to the Wyches). Chaos did put up some resistance in close combat, with a Plague Marine unit holding up a unit of regular Wyches with an Archon for a little while before being chomped up by power weapon attacks and stripping the unit down to an Archon (or was that after some plasma or bolter fire?). Upon attacking a regular CSM squad, the Archon met its match, as the attacks from the regular CSM's shorted out the shadow field, followed by a single hit from a the champion's power fist pulverising the Archon. So, Chaos mostly excelled in shooting, while the Dark Eldar excelled in sneak tactics (including pulling out a webway portal early on, to get reserves into action as soon as possible). It was a close battle, with Chaos winning marginally by 5 points to 4.
Next time I play against Dark Eldar, I must remember to take out vehicles as soon as possible and put as much distance as possible between my forces and theirs.


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