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Picture of re-fitted Talos & Scourges

So, here is a picture of my re-fitted Dark Eldar Talos, comprising of parts from the old and new model kits. The additions from the new kit were to replace the twin splinter cannon with a twin heat lance, put a helmet on the middle pilot and replace the ichor injector with the twin liquifier gun (as the ichor injector arm was refusing to stay on).
This model went into battle today, in a 1,100 point per side Dark Eldar v Dark Eldar battle, fought as Annihilation. Unfortunately, it got rather over-ambitious, trying to fight the remnant of a Wych unit and an Archon and found itself on the bad end of the Archon's huskblade (his strength was enhanced due to combat drugs). Fitting the liquifier gun was still a good idea, however, as it can still annoy enemies.
I finished another unit today, in the form of the Scourges. Last time I posted pictures on here and on deviantart, I put up pictures of the first three models. Now, the whole 10-member squad is finished, armed with shardcarbines, h…

Dark Eldar Talos re-fitted and DE/ CSM battle

So, earlier in the month, the Dark Eldar got the new, all plastic Talos/ Chronos Painbastard Engine (I know I'm calling it that, but only in the nicest terms), I saw an opportunity to tool up my old, metal Talos with some nice new pieces of kit. These were obtained from someone who built the model up as the Chronos and didn't need the Talos parts and the parts in question were the twin liquifier gun, twin-linked heat lance and a helmet that would go over the model's head.
Now, why did I go for two ranged weapons? Well, for that type of model, you can fire both weapons in its turn and the liquifier gun looks like a nasty anti-infantry weapon, especially if I roll the die for AP and get a low number (Space Marines and Terminators be afraid!). Secondly, I can use the heat lance to kill heavy infantry or try 'vaping' a vehicle.
Another thing I am contemplating, however, is to magnetize the bit where I put the twin heat lance on and set it up so I can put the twin heat …

Kabalite Trueborn unit finished

So, that's my 10-man unit of Kabalite Trueborn finished and it is generally blaster-heavy, as there are 4 blasters and 2 dark lances, designed for shooting down vehicles or heavy infantry (with some shardcarbines for annoying infantry).
To mark them out as Trueborn, their armour is golden, rather than purple and there are some Scourge heads in amongst the models, along with 2 blasters and 3 shardcarbines that I also took from the Scourge box set.
The final Dark Eldar projects for the moment will be to re-fit a Talos with a liquifier gun, do one more unit of regular Kabalite Warriors and expand the Scourge unit to 10 models.

More Dark Eldar (continued)

So, as I got a bit more money for my birthday, I ended up getting a few more Dark Eldar models, in the form of the new Scourges (5-member unit). Compared to the older, all-metal models, these new guys are way better and have more weapon options.
The state of play is that I've finished the Scourges and they look like:

These guys are kitted out with an agoniser & blast pistol for the Solarite (unit leader), 2 shardcarbines, a haywire blaster and heat lance. I didn't go for dark lances, as I think that putting heavy (move or fire) weapons on jump infantry was akin to pouring boiling hot water into a chocolate teapot!
The colour scheme for the models is burnished gold armour (done in the same way as the Kings of Chaos CSM colour scheme) with purple as the other colour for the guns and shoulder/ kneepads.
A unit of Kabalite Trueborn is almost finished - 9 models done and 1 in need of a special pair of arms. The principles for that unit is basically lance-spam, with 2 dark lances…