Space Marine re-boot in progress

So, I recently decided to re-do my Imperial Space Marines in a new scheme. The scheme they will follow is that they will be painted in colours of Pre-heresy World Eaters, with white armour and blue shoulder pads/ backpacks. Also, for the changed Space Marines, they will use the standard Space Marine codex, not Blood Angels, Space Wolves or CSM, as they will be generic Space Marines.
One part of preparation that is taking a while is removing the red paint off the models (they were Blood Drinkers) but I have recently found all of the bits of a Land Raider that will be fitted with twin lascannon sponsons, twin heavy bolters, multi-melta and a storm bolter.
Other progress that has been made is in the form of a Terminator Captain with storm bolter & power sword, most of a tactical squad (with missile launcher and plasma gun) and a unit of Assault marines. I will probably try to plan for a Devastator squad, Sternguard Veterans, more tactical marines, a second captain and see what happens next.


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