CSM colour schemes - Kings of Chaos

As I may have posted earlier, my Chaos Space Marines are in the process of being re-painted. Instead of their current black armour with metallic trim, the new colour scheme is like an inverted form. Basically, they have burnished gold armour with an armour trim colour that changes, based on chaos affiliation. I have named the resultant Chaos Legion to be the 'Kings of Chaos'. They are a broad-church legion embracing generic Chaos followers, as well as those aligned to Khorne, Tzeentch or Nurgle. Finally, they have a simple symbol, 王, which is the chinese character for king.
They are primarily intended as a similar legion to the Black Legion (with a kind of inverse colour scheme), although they do have a higher proportion of Cult CSM's than the Black Legion.

Here are examples of the main paint schemes:
These were created using the Bolter & Chainsword's Interactive Painter (for Chaos Space Marines) that can be found at http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/csmp.php

So, here's what they will look like.

So far, I have painted three squads of different marines, two daemon princes, one sorcerer and one lord.


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