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Dark Eldar reinforcements in progress

So, I've got myself some more Dark Eldar stuff. This is in the form of a Raider (to be fitted with a dark lance) and two boxes of Kabalite Warriors. This means that both of my units of Wyches don't need to footslog across the battlefield anymore. One box of Kabalites will be made into a unit of Trueborn, armed with two dark lances and (hopefully) two or more blasters for vehicle/ heavy-infantry killing duties. The second box will go towards a fourth unit of regular Kabalites, to make up a total of six Troop units and they will be given a splinter cannon. I may refit the Venom transport to give it a second splinter cannon.

I'm currently contemplating a unit of Scourges, as they will be coming out in the next few days, as a fast-moving anti-vehicle unit (to be armed with haywire blaster & heat lance).

I have had two games using my Dark Eldar recently against Space Marines and Chaos. The Dark Eldar won against these armies and equipping flickerfields on vehicles is a poin…

CSM colour schemes - Kings of Chaos

As I may have posted earlier, my Chaos Space Marines are in the process of being re-painted. Instead of their current black armour with metallic trim, the new colour scheme is like an inverted form. Basically, they have burnished gold armour with an armour trim colour that changes, based on chaos affiliation. I have named the resultant Chaos Legion to be the 'Kings of Chaos'. They are a broad-church legion embracing generic Chaos followers, as well as those aligned to Khorne, Tzeentch or Nurgle. Finally, they have a simple symbol, 王, which is the chinese character for king.
They are primarily intended as a similar legion to the Black Legion (with a kind of inverse colour scheme), although they do have a higher proportion of Cult CSM's than the Black Legion.

Here are examples of the main paint schemes:
These were created using the Bolter & Chainsword's Interactive Painter (for Chaos Space Marines) that can be found at

So, …

Space Marine re-boot in progress

So, I recently decided to re-do my Imperial Space Marines in a new scheme. The scheme they will follow is that they will be painted in colours of Pre-heresy World Eaters, with white armour and blue shoulder pads/ backpacks. Also, for the changed Space Marines, they will use the standard Space Marine codex, not Blood Angels, Space Wolves or CSM, as they will be generic Space Marines.
One part of preparation that is taking a while is removing the red paint off the models (they were Blood Drinkers) but I have recently found all of the bits of a Land Raider that will be fitted with twin lascannon sponsons, twin heavy bolters, multi-melta and a storm bolter.
Other progress that has been made is in the form of a Terminator Captain with storm bolter & power sword, most of a tactical squad (with missile launcher and plasma gun) and a unit of Assault marines. I will probably try to plan for a Devastator squad, Sternguard Veterans, more tactical marines, a second captain and see what happen…