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Chaos Raptor unit finished

So, I've finished up a 9-man unit of Chaos Raptors, affiliated to Khorne and in Kings of Chaos colours (with black armour trim). These models involved conversion jobs applied to the backpacks, where I cut off the side bits and put wings (from Tyranid Gargoyles) in their place. I may put a picture up showing the models in their unit. They are equipped with 2 melta guns and the champion has a power fist.
The next re-paint job will be my Chaos Lord on Juggernaught, armed with a pair of lightning claws, whose colour scheme will go to burnished gold/ red.

Second Dark Eldar Archon finished

I've recently finished my second Dark Eldar Archon model. This model is an Archon from the first time that Dark Eldar were unleashed upon the 40k universe and one that I've had for many years, since the first time I dabbled with them.

I've decided that my Dark Eldar forces will be using two colour schemes - purple for regular Kabalite and Wych warriors and gold for Trueborn/ alternative models. The golden colour is dull, burnished gold from boltgun metal, followed by sepia wash - a dull golden colour scheme I'm somewhat addicted to.