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Chaos Raptor unit in development

Having finished the Dark Eldar, I'm going to alter one of my Chaos Space Marine units, turning it into a unit of Raptors, to be armed with two melta guns. This will involve taking regular CSM's armed with bolt pistol & close combat weapon and converting the backpacks, cutting off the side bits that stick out and replacing them with wings (from the Tyranid Gargoyle box sets). I've done two models out of ten and will get on with the rest, which will involve re-paints first (to change from black to boltgun metal coloured armour).

Dark Eldar force finished!

For the time being, construction of my Dark Eldar forces has finished, with a force that can must just over 2,000 points.

This is what I have now:
Lelith Hesperax
5 Incubi (with Klaivex)
Kabalite Warrior unit A (14) with Sybarite, blast pistol & agoniser, dark lance & blaster.
Kabalite Warrior unit B (10) with Sybarite, blast pistol & power weapon, shredder & splinter cannon.
Kabalite Warrior unit C (10) with Sybarite, blast pistol & agoniser, dark lance & blaster.
Wych unit A (10) with Hekatrix, blast pistol & agoniser, haywire grenades, phantasm grenade launcher, hydra gauntlets, shardnet & impaler.
Wych unit B (10) with Hekatrix, blast pistol & agoniser, haywire grenades, phantasm grenade launcher, hydra gauntlets, shardnet & impaler. 
Hellions (5) with Helliarch, agoniser
Reaver with Arena champion, power weapon, blaster & cluster caltrops.
Ravager with flickerfield & 3 dar…

Dark Eldar pictures now up!

So, here are some smaller pictures showing my attempt at a Dark Eldar Venom conversion job and painting up Lelith Hesperax (the Dark Eldar 'bitch from hell!')

If you want to see bigger pictures of these models, please pay a visit to my Deviantart presence at
So, as I only have 5 or 6 more Kabalite Warriors to go until I have a usable force, I am currently aiming to have all my Dark Eldar ready for going to battle next Sunday (27th March) at my local gaming club. Let's see how they do in battle!

Dark Eldar update

So, having seen someone at my local gaming club's attempt at a conversion, making a Dark Eldar Venom transport out of modifying an Eldar Vyper jetbike, I decided to make my attempt at a similar conversion.
I made one out of a Vyper jet-bike and some parts from a Dark Eldar Ravager, including a pair of splinter rifles and a splinter cannon. I'll get a picture of the finished model up soon, as the model is (for a first version) finished.
Apart from that, I recently got what I call the Dark Eldar 'bitch from hell' model - Lelith Hesperax (special character Succubus). I'll paint the model with purple clothing, green hair and Elf flesh/ blue wash. Once I finish the model, I'll get picture(s) up eventually.

Current Menoth models finished

So, I've finished building/ painting the models that make up the starter Warmachine for the Protectorate of Menoth faction. I've not used the standard Privateer Press colour scheme for these models, as I've got mostly GW paints, as they're probably very difficult to source locally.
Colour scheme used:
Armour - boltgun metal/ gryphonne sepia wash, with warlock purple trim
Symbol - Liche purple
Bronze parts - Dwarf bronze
Robes - Dheneb stone/ gryphonne sepia wash
So, here are images showing the models, as painted:

Now these models are finished, I shall go back to painting some Dark Eldar, in the form of 2 units - 1 x Wych & 1 x Kabalite Warriors and a Ravager.