New Plague Marine scheme in progress!

So, while I'm waiting until the 40k Chaos tournament at my local gaming club starts in May, I decided to change the colour scheme for my Chaos Space Marines. Effectively, they will be changing their legion from Black Legion to one of my (hopefully) own schemes - Kings of Chaos. The armour is burnished gold with different colours of armour trim, based on affiliation. The Chinese character for king is used as the symbol, as it's very simple to write.
I have tried out some Khornate and Tzeentchian models in this new scheme, as may be discovered on my Deviantart gallery (drporkov). Now, it is time to have some Nurgle followers done up. So, I'm re-painting a unit of Plague Marines in this scheme, with dark green as the armour trim colour. In the near future, I should have some finished models posted up.


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