Progress with Dark Eldar and CSM's

So, I'm into round 2 of a small 40k competition at my local gaming club (Kirkcaldy Gaming Club), where scoring involves kill points for destroying units, as well as three objectives (1 major objective in the the centre and two other minor objectives). I have two battles in this round - Chaos v Orks and Chaos v Imperial Guard.
Last week (23rd Jan), my Chaos Space Marines had a very hard fought battle that started off very well for the Orks but the CSM's resisted, held up in close combat and turned the tables. Lots of casualties were suffered on both sides. The final result was a Chaos win (14pts to 6pts). Within the next two weeks, I'll get to fight the Imperial Guard and see who gets in to the final.
On the painting side, I am about to start re-painting one unit of Plague Marines in the Kings of Chaos colour scheme - burnished gold armour with green trim (to signify Nurgle). Also, the last unit of Dark Eldar that I have at the moment - Incubi are almost finished.


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