Nothing to fear against Imperial Guard, then.

So, I have had four battles recently against Imperial Guard.
The first of these four was for the 'Scumbag Cup', hosted at my local gaming club against someone who has played as Guard for a while but is more into infantry than tank-spamming. This was a 1,500 point per side battle against my Chaos Space Marines and there was a lot of blood spilt on both sides and not much left on the battlefield. A marginal win for my CSM's (6-5) on kill points.
One of the younger players at the club recently decided that he would adopt Guard as well, and mustered about 900 points of forces. I put an equally sized Eldar force against them (890 v 886) and let my new, all-plastic Fire Prism act as heavy support, along with the Avatar, 1 Vyper and 3 Dire Avenger units. It was fairly impressive to see 28 guardsmen die in the first turn. The Fire Prism destroyed an Armoured Sentinel and a Valkyrie flying transport, while the Avatar put paid to a Leman Russ (or variant) that was trying to pie-plate me. The Avengers also ended up foot-slogging 2 units towards a 3 lascannon-wielding heavy weapons team that luckily didn't manage to do anything worse to the Fire Prism than inflict 'Crew Stunned', due to holo-fields. Eldar won by complete annihilation.
The week after, the new Guard player got some more tanks and models and wanted to fight against Chaos. The first battle was 1,300 points and the second was 1,500 points (due to him borrowing another tank). In these battles, it was mainly the Obliterators and a Daemon Prince smashing up vehicles, while the Defiler decided to pie-plate the heavy weapons team, which I made a priority target, as he had 3 lascannons in that unit - they had to be destroyed! Another good choice was kitting out 2 squads with flamers, especially in the second battle, where a large unit of guardsmen were advancing. My response was to let rip with 2 flamers and a combi-flamer for 3 templates worth of flame. No survivors! I did also feel that the suggestion of fielding 2 3-man Obliterator units in 1,300 - 1,500 point battles actually paid off, even though I prefer not to have 6 or more Obliterators on the battlefield unless I've got 2,000+ points to play with. Let's see how this new Guard player learns playing with this army in the future.


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