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Nothing to fear against Imperial Guard, then.

So, I have had four battles recently against Imperial Guard.
The first of these four was for the 'Scumbag Cup', hosted at my local gaming club against someone who has played as Guard for a while but is more into infantry than tank-spamming. This was a 1,500 point per side battle against my Chaos Space Marines and there was a lot of blood spilt on both sides and not much left on the battlefield. A marginal win for my CSM's (6-5) on kill points.
One of the younger players at the club recently decided that he would adopt Guard as well, and mustered about 900 points of forces. I put an equally sized Eldar force against them (890 v 886) and let my new, all-plastic Fire Prism act as heavy support, along with the Avatar, 1 Vyper and 3 Dire Avenger units. It was fairly impressive to see 28 guardsmen die in the first turn. The Fire Prism destroyed an Armoured Sentinel and a Valkyrie flying transport, while the Avatar put paid to a Leman Russ (or variant) that was trying to pie-plat…

More Dark Eldar to work on

So, the little Santa pigs have been generous to me and given me some more Dark Eldar goodies in the form of a Ravager, 1 unit of Kabalite Warriors, 1 unit of 3 Reaver bikes and a unit of 5 Hellions. Of course, these will be painted purple. I'm sure I have an old metal Archon somewhere, but I don't know where I put him.
Current progress in painting - finished undercoating them black.

Dark Eldar update

So, Drazhar, Master of Blades is finished, in a purple colour scheme, as well as the 10-man squad of Kabalite Warriors.
 I have almost finished the Raider, which will probably be used for either the Kabalites or the Wyches. Once that's all done, I'll start on the Wyches or Incubi. I suppose I could have a look to see how many Eldar Harlequins I've got left, seeing as though they can be used with Eldar or Dark Eldar.

While I've been working on my Dark Eldar, I've switched a couple of Berzerkers over to the Kings of Chaos colour scheme of burnished gold armour with black trim (for Khorne or Unaffiliated CSM's).