Idea for new colour scheme for Khorne Berzerkers

So, I've painted up a tester model to see how a second paint scheme would work for my 50-something Khorne Berzerkers. I've already done 8 models as a squad with burnished gold armour and red trim. Now, one of the other colours suitable for Khorne is black. So, I'm thinking of having one of the other units with the same burnished gold armour, but with black trim instead of red trim. Here is one model that's already been done in this scheme to give it a try.
So, what do you think? (Please feel to leave constructive comments)


  1. That seems really good. Only suggestion would be a different colour for the grenades.

  2. I think I'll probably go for green grenades for the next 7 or so models for this unit. That might be a better colour.


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