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Idea for new colour scheme for Khorne Berzerkers

So, I've painted up a tester model to see how a second paint scheme would work for my 50-something Khorne Berzerkers. I've already done 8 models as a squad with burnished gold armour and red trim. Now, one of the other colours suitable for Khorne is black. So, I'm thinking of having one of the other units with the same burnished gold armour, but with black trim instead of red trim. Here is one model that's already been done in this scheme to give it a try.
So, what do you think? (Please feel to leave constructive comments)

The perils of Daemon weapons

Well, today, I had a 3,200 point per side, 2 against 1 battle (I was the '1') of 40k with Chaos Space Marines on all sides. The enemy had 3 special characters and a Daemon Prince and I had no special characters. 2 enemy special characters had daemon weapons - Abaddon and Typhus but they suffered bouts of 'Epic Fail' and got sent back to the warp without even striking a blow in close combat.
How did that happen? Well, the player rolled a 1 for the number of extra attacks in both cases, causing the weapon to rebel and lead the character to spend the combat phase re-asserting his control over the weapon. In Abaddon's case, this happened while he was on his own, fighting a Terminator unit with a mix of power weapons/ fists. He lost his first wound to a heavy flamer and lost the rest getting punched out by the Terminators while he got to do nothing, as he was too busy fighting with his sword.
Typhus and a unit of Plague Marines decided to attack my unit of Plague Marine…