Updates to CSM's

As I've got a 4,000 point per side Apocalypse battle coming up, I did some revisions to my CSM's.
Now, I've been fairly busy with some re-formatting of the CSM army. I recently acquired one of the new plastic Daemon Prince models, painted him blue with gold/ blue armour and he is following Tzeentch. My former metal Daemon Prince of Tzeentch got a re-paint, a pair of metal wings and two new plastic arms. He is pink with gold/ Warlock Purple armour and now follows Slaanesh. All I'll have to do now on that front is get another Daemon Prince, paint him green and I'll have one Daemon Prince for each Chaos power.
On the other side of things, I've re-painted my 4 plasma gun-toting CSM Chosen unit in gold/ blue armour and given them the Mark of Tzeentch. My Terminators have been given the same colour scheme and a Tzeentchian icon for a 4+ Invulnerable save (in the form of an Epic Pink Horror).
Finally, I got 5 more Terminators, converted 3 of them into gold/ black armoured Obliterators and the other 2 are replacements for the Terminator squad, to give them 2 more combi-weapons (1 melta and 1 flamer). The unit now has 6 combi-weapons & 2 heavy flamers.
You can see the end results of what I've been doing with the Chaos at my gallery site at http://drporkov.deviantart.com . I have a feeling that I'll end up, over the next year, with a totally different CSM army (in terms of paint job).
Main armour - gold, with the outer trims of the armour painted in a colour associated with whatever god they follow.

i.e: No affiliation - black. Khorne - red. Slaanesh - purple or pink. Nurgle - green. Tzeentch - blue.


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