Warhammer Ahoy!

So, I've decided to make an attempt at embracing the new (and notably different) 8th Edition of Warhammer (the fantasy battles). I will have two armies - Dwarves and High Elves.
At the moment, I have about 1,300 - 1,500 points of Dwarves already and got myself the High Elf Army box set (normally priced at £100, but it's nice to be on friendly terms with one's local stores to get it for less). I also got an extra two Bolt Throwers and more Archers. Once built, all of the High Elves will come in at a shade below 3,000 points (If that doesn't say commitment, what will?)
The colour scheme I've decided on is the one with white robes and Warlock Purple as the contrast colour.
At the moment, I have 20 Spearmen built up & painted, along with one Archer.

No doubt I will put pictures up on my Deviantart page of units/ characters when built.


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