Recent changes in my forces

Well, over the past few weeks since I last posted, I have done some newer colour schemes for some of my 40k stuff.
Firstly, I acquired a second unit of Eldar Warp Spiders and painted them in a green colour scheme, to tell them apart from my other unit and make it more reflective of the craftworld they are attached to (Biel-Tan).
Secondly, following the attempt of painting Sanguinary Guard in that dull golden colour scheme, I thought it might be a good idea to use it on some of my Chaos Space Marines. So, I took a unit of 8 Berzerkers, painted the armour in Chainmail with red trim, followed by Gryphonne Sepia wash and it looked quite nice. I'll probably try doing a similar colour scheme for some CSM's with the Mark of Tzeentch.
Other pending paint jobs are a unit of High Elf Spearmen, to be painted with white robes and Warlock Purple as the other colour, as well as 20 Tyranid Gargoyles.


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