Chaos Alterations

I've decided that a couple of my Chaos Space Marine units for 40k will get a change of colours, to signify them falling in with Tzeentch. These will be a unit of 10 Terminators and 10 Chosen. However, they will have a notably different colour scheme. Instead of the usual blue armour with gold trim, the armour is dull gold with blue trim (a kind of inverse colour scheme).
At the moment, I've got 3 of each unit painted up and samples are shown in my Deviantart gallery at
Another change is that in order to help with the cost of two Warhammer armies, my Space Marines are going goodbye and have gone on sale. After this, I will have three 40k armies (Chaos Space Marines, Tyranids and Eldar) and two Warhammer armies (Dwarves and High Elves).


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