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Chaos Alterations

I've decided that a couple of my Chaos Space Marine units for 40k will get a change of colours, to signify them falling in with Tzeentch. These will be a unit of 10 Terminators and 10 Chosen. However, they will have a notably different colour scheme. Instead of the usual blue armour with gold trim, the armour is dull gold with blue trim (a kind of inverse colour scheme).
At the moment, I've got 3 of each unit painted up and samples are shown in my Deviantart gallery at
Another change is that in order to help with the cost of two Warhammer armies, my Space Marines are going goodbye and have gone on sale. After this, I will have three 40k armies (Chaos Space Marines, Tyranids and Eldar) and two Warhammer armies (Dwarves and High Elves).

Warhammer Ahoy!

So, I've decided to make an attempt at embracing the new (and notably different) 8th Edition of Warhammer (the fantasy battles). I will have two armies - Dwarves and High Elves.
At the moment, I have about 1,300 - 1,500 points of Dwarves already and got myself the High Elf Army box set (normally priced at £100, but it's nice to be on friendly terms with one's local stores to get it for less). I also got an extra two Bolt Throwers and more Archers. Once built, all of the High Elves will come in at a shade below 3,000 points (If that doesn't say commitment, what will?)
The colour scheme I've decided on is the one with white robes and Warlock Purple as the contrast colour.
At the moment, I have 20 Spearmen built up & painted, along with one Archer.

No doubt I will put pictures up on my Deviantart page of units/ characters when built.

Recent changes in my forces

Well, over the past few weeks since I last posted, I have done some newer colour schemes for some of my 40k stuff.
Firstly, I acquired a second unit of Eldar Warp Spiders and painted them in a green colour scheme, to tell them apart from my other unit and make it more reflective of the craftworld they are attached to (Biel-Tan).
Secondly, following the attempt of painting Sanguinary Guard in that dull golden colour scheme, I thought it might be a good idea to use it on some of my Chaos Space Marines. So, I took a unit of 8 Berzerkers, painted the armour in Chainmail with red trim, followed by Gryphonne Sepia wash and it looked quite nice. I'll probably try doing a similar colour scheme for some CSM's with the Mark of Tzeentch.
Other pending paint jobs are a unit of High Elf Spearmen, to be painted with white robes and Warlock Purple as the other colour, as well as 20 Tyranid Gargoyles.