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New Dwarf units built

So, a change of tack this time. I have now finished a couple of Dwarf pieces of heavy weapons, in the form of a second cannon and a bolt thrower. (These are metal sets, not the plastic ones). I have also decided on what symbol they will use for their clan. They will be the Karaz-a-Kerak and will use the symbol 王 (the Chinese character that means king). Maybe when I get around to getting two or three units, they will be ready for battle.

Two eldar units finished

Well, two Eldar units I purchased recently are now finished/ built/ painted.
First, we have the Wraithguard, who I fielded last week and they caused a bit of destruction. Being accompanied by a Warlock helped, as he put paid to a Dreadnought who charged into them.

Secondly, a second unit of Warp Spiders. These were painted green, to tell the difference between them and the other Warp Spider unit. Another difference is that this unit has 5, not 6 members.