Blood Angels successors finished for the time being!

So, I've finished organizing my Space Marines for the time being, until I've had my first few games. This organization was due to me getting the Blood Angels codex and my Marines being of a successor chapter, called the Blood Drinkers.
I've now got about 7,500 points of models and over 100 models in the Troops unit section. There are 3x 10-man Assault units with special weapons, still 6 Tactical squads with a couple of heavy weapon swaps, another Scout added and the Death Company now with 8 models.
The Devastator squads now have all heavy weapons the same - one unit has 4 lascannons and the other has 4 plasma cannons. The Rhino-based tanks are a bit more pricey and the Land Raiders are now Transport units.
I've also built up a new jump-pack captain, wearing gold armour, with a lightning claw and melta pistol.
For more details of the organization of my forces, go to Dr Porkov's armies.
So, how have the new Blood Angels been faring in 40k since getting the new codex? Well, I've seen 2 battles of 3,000 points per side against Chaos Space Marines and in both cases, CSM's were victorious.

On another note, the Chaos Space Marines have another Sorceror to play with.


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