Update on forces refurbishment and new website operational

So, I've got some of the additional Tyranids stuff built/ painted - in the form of several extra Warriors, a green Hive Tyrant with devourers, a fifth Zoanthrope, more gaunts, extra Raveners (now split into two units) and extra Genestealers with scything talons (along with a Broodlord) to make a second 20-member Genestealer brood. Further plans will involve the building of a third Hive Tyrant, who will be imagined to become a Swarmlord - I'm trying building 4 boneswords using green stuff (although I could do a fall-back and use plasticard instead). I will also do another two or three Tyranid Warriors to the second unit. These models will be painted in the Zentran colour scheme, as opposed to the Gigil scheme.
If you're wondering what these colour schemes are, you can find out at my new website, at http://dr-porkov.webs.com. (NOTE: This website, content and images were done by me using Adobe CS4 software and you might want to use a CSS3-capable web browser) This gives information about my 4 main Warhammer 40k armies.
The Eldar will be getting some extra refurbishment with the Farseer and 7 Fire Dragons getting painted up, 6 of which are newer models.
Finally, on Sunday (7th March), the Chaos Space Marines will be getting some practice in for the upcoming Chaos Carnage 2 event that starts on March 28th. I will be testing the use of two 3-man Obliterator units, as well as a Defiler with a twin-linked lascannon instead of the standard Reaper autocannon and a winged Daemon Prince. Eventually, I'll get round to putting more photos up on this blog.


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