Space Marine force revamp in progress

So, I'm currently working on re-versioning my Blood Drinkers Space Marines, in line with what they'll be getting in the new Blood Angels codex, coming out in 2 weeks time. I can use this codex, as the chapter I've painted the models as is a Blood Angel successor chapter (I made the colour scheme decision over 9 months ago)
I've decided to have 3 ten-man Assault squads, one unit with 2 flamers, one with 2 melta guns (anti-almost anything) and one with 2 plasma guns (anti-infantry). This would be one set of tactics that I'm used to with my Chaos Space Marines. I'll also plan to have the Death Company, planning for 12 models and I've got 7 done already - half with power fists and half without. It will also be fun, with Rhino-based vehicles getting to move faster, especially Vindicators. There will also be a Death Company dreadnought, in the form of an Ironclad that I decided to paint black with red crosses (so I've done that already).
I do also like the look of the Sanguinary Guard and the Sanguinor (special character who can't join squads), as nice looking Jump pack Veterans. However, the new codex is still not out yet, so I still have some planning time to go. I'll also have to re-paint all the heads of any Veteran models (including Sergeants), as Blood Angel veterans have gold, not black helmets.


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