New Eldar models built and ready for later battle

So, I got myself some new Eldar models about a week ago, in the form of the old Seer Council box set and Fire Dragons (then I discovered 2 more Fire Dragons). Now, I've painted them all up (and will get round to posting them up later (as well as my having finally painted Phoenix Lord Karandras). That means I now have 18 Fire Dragons (1 squad of 10 and a squad of 8) and I'll get round to buying another Wave Serpent, to allow both units  to have transports. (I did have 19 or 20 Fire Dragons, but I had a spring clean and got rid of some models that I deemed superfluous).
Now, these models are ready for an Eldar battle on the 21st, before I send my Chaos Space Marines off to battle to fight in Chaos Carnage 2, starting at the end of March.


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