Model update

So, I created a Khorne Berzerker lord of Chaos, on a Juggernaught, wielding a plasma pistol and a Bloodletter Hellblade (acting as a Daemon weapon). I decided to paint the model black with red crosses, as a parody of the Blood Angels Death Company, as if he was a Fallen Blood Angel.

Next, talking of Blood Angels, I finished the second bike squad of the Blood Drinkers, with 2 plasma gunners and a Sergeant armed with a power fist.

Also, here is a photo of the Blood Drinkers Death Company, mostly finished - 7 models done, 5 more to go but I won't be able to get the remaining 5 until next week (which is when they come out).

Finally, I am trying out Photobucket as an online store for images on this blog, to see how it works


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